Farmer or Hunter

Ok so I've been absorbing as much information on photography as possible for the last month or so and there are some awesome interweb resources out there, firstly a plug for my favourite as it's simple, clear, informative and interesting with a smidge of humour so go look at Well in a recent podcast they discussed photographers being akin to farmers or hunters. (Bear with me here). A Farmer someone who plans, meticulously researches and visualises the sort of image, then goes and makes it happen. A Hunter being someone who stalks the image from what appears in front of them, always on the lookout for that special moment. (See not such a weird concept huh?)

Anyway this got me thinking about what type I am and how I approach my photography.

Upon reflection, I think I'm the latter, a hunter, carrying my camera wherever I go and hoping to find those image oppo's in daily life. However, the contemplation didn't end there, on further reflection, this could go some way to explaining why I have been somewhat disappointed recently- I've spied many great photo opportunities but then been disappointed with the pictures once in front of my iMac.

Would I possibly benefit from being a Hunter with Farmer tendencies? Lets examine this, I think I've had the right opportunities but the wrong time, ie the light wasn't golden hour or blue hour magical or the weather was naff. Course you can get post process happy and compensate for that and most people wouldn't know the difference but, I STILL KNOW. Gah I'm still my own harshest critic :)

Point is I'm going to become a little more Hunt-mer or Farm-nter (see what I did there!??! Hehe) in my approach to achieving images that I AM proud of. Just not sure exactly how yet, maybe snap images of palaces that merit a return at sunset, then plan that way. Best of both worlds. Easy eh? Hehe.

Perhaps we should all look at where we are on the Farmer - Hunter scale and it may help us improve further still.

Image where I did a bit more Farmer planning: When Life gives you lemons........

Image where I was a bit more Hunter Opportunistic: Portsmouth Naval Base