365 Edits - Day #102

Well after the last lot of lightning not going my way, I finally had a stroke of luck.  Whilst away on business at the start of this week I was awoken by a huge thunder storm - the below was the results of lots of shots and many varied attempts.  I've only edited this basically in Lightroom and Photoshop adding a curves adjustment layer and tweaking away some of the overly red caste that was across the image - then a blitz through Dfine to sort some of the noise from the long exposure.  I'm proud of this one :)

365 Edits - Day #95

Day 5 of the Bnw 5 day challenge, I thought I'd silver efex pro 2 edit this pic that was so popular in colour and see if it's as impactful in mono too.  Again it's the St michaels church off cornhill street by the cornhill exchange in London #WWPW2014

365 Edits - Day #79

Day #78, having edited and posted this picture to my 500px.com account and seeing it eclipse everything else I've ever posted on there was an interesting moment.  Concluding that it's not particularly my new found HDR editing skills, more likely an iconic historical monument in ye olde London towne that is the draw but I'll take it and I do still like the pic too.  Edited with Nik HDR pro 2 and Adobe LightRoom.


365 Edits - Day #78

Day #78 - I don't do Sepia very often or white/light vignettes, however this image taken outside Liverpool Street Station seemed to lead me down that route automatically, Edited with Photomatix Pro 5 and Silver Efex Pro 2.

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