365 Edits - Day #124

Following on from yesterday's edit of Fenton I thought I'd try and see if my silver efex pro 2 recipe works on male portraits - this image did require some further tweaks in localised areas but was pretty much just the recipe applied and edit in Lightroom on top done in 15 minutes.  Another one in square format which is becoming easier to compose for or crop to as I gain experience.

365 Edits - Day #108

Been trying some more candid street photography and get closer as robert capa used to say "if your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough!" - so this was taken as I sat at adventure island and the lady either the phone was within 6 feet so the closest I've got with complete strangers :) helped that she didn't see me haha.  A stolen moment to check her smart phone and enjoy a cuppa. Edited with nik collection silver efex pro 2 and a pinhole style preset recipe then tweaked. 

A sacred stolen moment

365 Edits - Day #99

Right more glorious London architecture, This is the building in the corner of Great Tower Street and Mincing Lane, with the walkie talkie in the background.  An HDR processed in Photomatix Pro 5 and then Silver Efex Pro 2.

365 Edits - Day #95

Day 5 of the Bnw 5 day challenge, I thought I'd silver efex pro 2 edit this pic that was so popular in colour and see if it's as impactful in mono too.  Again it's the St michaels church off cornhill street by the cornhill exchange in London #WWPW2014

365 Edits - Day #78

Day #78 - I don't do Sepia very often or white/light vignettes, however this image taken outside Liverpool Street Station seemed to lead me down that route automatically, Edited with Photomatix Pro 5 and Silver Efex Pro 2.

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