365 Edits - Day #105

The new growth in London is awesome but the bit I hadn't appreciated is there's still quite a lot of dereliction and decay - this one was a closed up building just along from Aldgate East - edited with lightroom and analogue efex pro 2.  My picture from the #WWPW2014 photo walk.

News after a mini Google search is that planning permission for a new build at this site is in and the pic below is the architects impression :) Useless titbit of info but I'm nothing if not a font of useless information that's mildly interesting haha.


365 Edits - Day #95

Day 5 of the Bnw 5 day challenge, I thought I'd silver efex pro 2 edit this pic that was so popular in colour and see if it's as impactful in mono too.  Again it's the St michaels church off cornhill street by the cornhill exchange in London #WWPW2014

365 Edits - Day #89

This Derelict building in Middlesex Street just down from Aldgate East Station was very Grey and this view created a natural Selective colour picture, the buildings and pavement in their natural grey, the railings in black and the red of the London Buses and traffic speed sign make it an unusual method to achieve selective colour but probably the only way I'd ever attempt that look anyway.  #WWPW2014

365 Edits - Day #83

Day #83, The joker as portrayed in the Dark Knight is one of those all time iconic characters, maybe because it was Heath Ledger's final Movie role, maybe because it was just pure awesome acting ability and maybe just because I'm a total geek.  This pic represents the Street Art encountered on the Kelbyone.com WorldWide Photo Walk 2014 in Fashion Street, London #WWPW2014.  Maybe its the fact that the poster above echoes the art, maybe as a guide for the graffiti artist to follow, maybe just for us to look at and wonder at after (now).  The iconic line from the movie "Why so Serious" on the wall next to the art. hehe maybe maybe maybe - in any event, I thought it was excellent and its here to share with you - edited in LightRoom 5.

365 Edits - Day #79

Day #78, having edited and posted this picture to my 500px.com account and seeing it eclipse everything else I've ever posted on there was an interesting moment.  Concluding that it's not particularly my new found HDR editing skills, more likely an iconic historical monument in ye olde London towne that is the draw but I'll take it and I do still like the pic too.  Edited with Nik HDR pro 2 and Adobe LightRoom.


365 Edits - Day #78

Day #78 - I don't do Sepia very often or white/light vignettes, however this image taken outside Liverpool Street Station seemed to lead me down that route automatically, Edited with Photomatix Pro 5 and Silver Efex Pro 2.

Source: https://peter-lebow.squarespace.com/config#/pages/blog-365-edits|/blog-365-edits/

365 Edits - Day #74

Day #74, another shot Edited from our sojourn around London, we walked along Middlesex street and this disused looking area just called out to us - used during the week for busy city workers parking, it had an abandoned charm (or should that be chill?!?). Edited in Photomatix Pro5 and Nik Colour Efex Pro 4 (and Adobe LR). #WWPW2014