365 Edits - Day #248

Abbey in the pool again - the 105mm Sigma macro is a superb portrait lens although does give dilemma of where to crop limbs :) mainly don't crop at a bendy bit (elbow, wrist, etc).  Making the cropped focal length look good as well as the composition as well as getting the lights positioned was challenging and fun - if anything I missed the right hand arm hitting the corner of frame but something to be cognisant of next time.


365 Edits - Day #124

Following on from yesterday's edit of Fenton I thought I'd try and see if my silver efex pro 2 recipe works on male portraits - this image did require some further tweaks in localised areas but was pretty much just the recipe applied and edit in Lightroom on top done in 15 minutes.  Another one in square format which is becoming easier to compose for or crop to as I gain experience.

365 Edits - Day #123

I have been looking for a way to get the hazy look similar to the "Greater than Gatsby" photoshop actions but at a much lower price and in Lightroom because I don't always want to take every picture into photoshop.  On Black Friday I received an email about the 2015 version of the improve photography preset steal and jumped in - luckily there's a set of presets in there called "matte" which have the very look I am after :) - revisiting the Hylands house shoot I set about this image of Fenton Brett (an up and coming young model who attended our ELWEMP group shoot).  I like the result as it's pretty much exactly how I pictured it before beginning. (For once).