365 Edits - Day #152

One of my favourite most recent street pictures.  I've been Trying to get some leading lines and interesting subjects but if honest this was just a quick snap as I walked to the platform edge- came out nice and I like to think that because I've been studying the processes and approaches for street photography that I generally only snap interesting situations that meet the criteria.  One genre I'm definitely going to pursue further.  #Hipstamatic


365 Edits - Day #108

Been trying some more candid street photography and get closer as robert capa used to say "if your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough!" - so this was taken as I sat at adventure island and the lady either the phone was within 6 feet so the closest I've got with complete strangers :) helped that she didn't see me haha.  A stolen moment to check her smart phone and enjoy a cuppa. Edited with nik collection silver efex pro 2 and a pinhole style preset recipe then tweaked. 

A sacred stolen moment