Hi, My name is Pete, Welcome to my website!.  In these pages I will be sharing some of my Photographic work, insights, projects, photography resources and lots more. I am an amateur photographer trying to develop my skills within the general field of photography.  I am 37, I work as a Professional Manager currently full time in US Export Control Compliance for a large global defence company, which is my other passion, or at least the way I pay most of the bills.

I was first drawn to photography by my Dad at the age of 7 when he sat me down and imparted his knowledge as well as an old Russian made Fed 4 rangefinder camera. That camera was amazing, interchangeable lenses and this weird one called a fish eye that I found hilarious at 7.

Russian Leica Copy - the FED4

From there my skills developed and on one of his many trips home from Saudi Arabia (Where he lived and worked), my Uncle donated to me his beloved Minolta srT-102 35mm SLR with lenses the length of my 13 year old arm.  The world of Telephoto Zoom, Macro and lenses that weighed loads opened before me- a REAL camera, even if it was about 20 years old when I acquired it.  Oh we had many a good time, some fantastic images and a whole lot of shared learning.  Unfortunately the fine silk thread that held the light meter and everything together snapped and the camera was consigned to the loft.

Minolta SLR the SRT-102

Herein there is a photographic gap in my history - unless you call small disposable kodak cameras on a night out while at university "photography".  They did however capture some good memories even in their basic form, so it was not all without "some" value.

The end of University, the start of a career in the corporate work of Engineering for a large company, the year 1999 and the invent of commercially affordable Digital Cameras all seemed to converge at the right time.  I had time, I had money (some at least) and I had a desire to own a shiny new digital camera.  

A perfect match made in..... well Essex but needless to say I bought one - a Canon Powershot A10, a 1.3 MegaPixel beast the size of a house brick with a 6x zoom lens no less.  That camera, took (still takes in fact) fantastic pictures.  The only limitation was the resolution of 640 x 480 and my desire for more, being a point and shoot the A10 didn't have much of a technical side to explore and I was soon hankering for control.

Canon PowerShot A10

In 2006, I received a lovely birthday present of a Canon S2IS Bridge Camera at a whopping 5 MegaPixels.  No doubt bought to stop me bemoaning my lack of ability to take a good picture because my camera was naff, for we ALL know that the newest and most expensive gear helps a photographer take better pictures :)  Image Stabilisation (hence the IS in the model name), a 12x zoom, control over how I took my images and a small fortune in AA batteries was all I required to capture great pictures.

Canon PowerShot IS2

The last fortuitous event was the spare lens that my Dad had in his new Nikon DSLR bag, just sitting there and gathering, hmmm not dust as it was in a case but just gathering the emotions of a lens that is not being put to its potential (at least that was what I kept saying, along with I could really put that to good use if only I had a Nikon DSLR body to go with it).  Pooling gifts across a Christmas and a Birthday from several people I was bought a shiny new Nikon D3000 DSLR with 18-55mm Kit lens - Yaaahooooo, Nikons WORST EVER DSLR to date if you believe Ken Rockwell, who's review of my new baby I read the day after it was delivered.  POODOO but Nikki as I call her served me well.

Nikon D3000 DSLR

Well the journey to date is almost complete, I took that WORST DSLR that Nikon ever made and have honed my skills with her to the point where I decided to upgrade to my current Baby the Nikon D610.  The results of and from which you will see some of on this website.

Nikon D610 DSLR

I'm expanding my photography skills and experience along with learning editing and transformation using Adobe's Lightroom5 and Photoshop CC on my wondrous iMac and iOS devices.

Tie all this in with learning web site development, everything and anything about photography, the masters, off camera flash, workshops, podcasts, blogs and camera club groups and that's just about me.